My LEGO LDraw Models
These are all LEGO MOCs (my-own-creation) that I've created using the free LDraw virtual LEGO system, mainly using MLCad for design, LDView for previews & exporting, and POV-Ray for renders.
LEGO House & Gardens
Large detached house & gardens with swimming pool.
11500 pieces
59 images
1 video
LEGO Yamaha Organ
1:1 scale model of a Yamaha A-55N Electone Organ.
15000 pieces
20 images
1 animation
1 video
LEGO City Of Antescher
A LEGO model replica of the City Of Antescher from the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum game Ant Attack.
1500 pieces
24 images
1 video
LEGO Simon Fraser University
LEGO model of part of the Simon Fraser University campus in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
62000 pieces
32 images
1 panorama
1 video
LEGO Ghettoblaster
Motorised LEGO model of a 1980s style ghettoblaster.
6600 pieces
25 images
1 animation
LEGO Twister
Motorised LEGO model of the popular amusement ride.
5000 pieces
18 images
3 animations
2 videos
LEGO Hotel
53-apartment luxury hotel with detailed interior.
40000 pieces
70 images
LEGO Dodgems
LEGO model of the popular amusement ride.
4600 pieces
20 images
LEGO Autostadt
LEGO model based on one of the Volkswagen Autostadt car storage towers in Wolfsburg, Germany.
26000 pieces
30 images
LEGO Geisel Library
LEGO model of Geisel Library at University of California San Diego. The model is not currently hosted here, but on these sites:
(first link has full image descriptions)
117000 pieces
65 images
1 video
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