My LEGO LDraw Models
These are all LEGO MOCs (my-own-creation) that I've created using the free LDraw virtual LEGO system, mainly using MLCad for design, LDView for previews & exporting, and POV-Ray for renders.
LEGO House & Gardens
Large detached house & gardens with swimming pool.
11500 pieces
59 images
1 video
LEGO Yamaha Organ
1:1 scale model of a Yamaha A-55N Electone Organ.
15000 pieces
20 images
1 animation
1 video
LEGO City Of Antescher
A LEGO model replica of the City Of Antescher from the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum game Ant Attack.
1500 pieces
24 images
1 video
LEGO Simon Fraser University
LEGO model of part of the Simon Fraser University campus in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
62000 pieces
32 images
1 panorama
1 video
LEGO Ghettoblaster
Motorised LEGO model of a 1980s style ghettoblaster.
6600 pieces
25 images
1 animation
LEGO Twister
Motorised LEGO model of the popular amusement ride.
5000 pieces
18 images
3 animations
2 videos
LEGO Hotel
53-apartment luxury hotel with detailed interior.
40000 pieces
70 images
LEGO Dodgems
LEGO model of the popular amusement ride.
4600 pieces
20 images
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